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Miranda Lambert open her wings deep for the first time and probably more than ever and gift us a real wonder!!!

Miranda Lambert - The Weight Of These Wings


The Weight Of These Wings ***** (5 stars)

Sony Music Nashville

I have never been a big fan of Miranda Lambert so the surprise was total! She never mooved me so. At least, his separation with Blake Shelton let us discover a NEW MIRANDA, more than ever full of soul and artistic freedom.

My deepest congratulations for these unbelievable songs full of spirit... And for this broken voice, so full of humanity.

One of my very rare 5 stars 2016's review

Jack, manager of MADE IN USA MAGAZINE

November 18th
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With Brett Eldredge, sure that Frank ''The Voice'' Sinatra is still alive!

Brett Eldredge - Glow


Glow ***** (5 stars)

Atlantic Nashville

It is a long time tradition in the USA to propose us Xmas CDs. This ending year not less than 7 Country Music Christmas Disc are available and the pinacle (even if we appreciate too Chris Young and Jennifer Nettles ones) is no doubt this one!

Brett Eldredge knows what ""glow'' means and he proove us with his great and so inspired voice what shining is.

Sure, Franck Sinitra in his crooner paradise, shoock his head with a approoval smile on his lips.

Jack, manager of MADE IN USA MAGAZINE

October 28th
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C2C, The greatest European Country festival is back for a fifth edition !

For more details ?... click on the billboard above

C2C Country Stars Line-up

- sometime! - I wish I was born in England. Each year, I cannot believe the incredible line-up they put together...

Jacque Mouchet, manager of MADE IN USA MAGAZINE contact@madeinusamagazine.fr

Bob Harris, The legendary BBC Radio 2 broadcaster says, “It’s amazing to think that C2C is five years old already and also how quickly it has grown. I am personally thrilled to be at the centre of it all and can’t wait for next March to welcome back old friends from Nashville and to introduce some new ones.”

Milly Olykan C2C Festival Director for The O2 said: We are thrilled to be going into our fifth year of Country to Country – it’s been incredible to have established an event that is so hugely anticipated by country fans and artists alike. For us to be presenting many new artists for their first time in the UK and Ireland as well as welcoming some back to C2C is fantastic. The growth of C2C owes so much to BBC Radio 2 and the Country Music Association of America – who are great partners on this festival with us.»

“CMA values C2C as an important vehicle for reaching and developing Country Music fans in the U.K. – especially as we enter the fifth year of our partnership,” said Sarah Trahern, CMA Chief Executive Officer. “We have seen significant growth in the U.K. market and have capitalized on the success of C2C to develop business relationships that have benefited the music industry, which is an important part of our mission. CMA is looking forward to bringing the CMA Songwriters Series back to C2C and sharing the artistry of the songwriters with their fans in London.”



We forgot to talk about this one: shame on us!


Phil Hamilton, Brzos Wind


Brazos Wind **** (4 stars)

Winding Road Music

Far from Nashville lights, a talented and authentic Country Music artist from Texas!

We discovered him... Today! (Thanks to Pascal "good ear'' Lacour). This album is a pure miracle in these time of commercial formated music. This time we will get between the ears a music simple and true. Thanks to Phil for these 10 raw jewels we will review more completely in our next issue

Jack, manager of MADE IN USA MAGAZINE

February 26th
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All Night Party *** (3 stars)

Almost Country Records (love that sens of humor!)

A great Country-Rock from Texas!

Those guy from Texas really get this ''something special ' most of artists do not have. A great album for a band that step by step grow up on Billboard Country Album Charts (next step first step ?)

Jack, manager of MADE IN USA MAGAZINE

August 19th contact@madeinusamagazine.fr
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Spark **** (4 stars)

Dot Records Nashville

This guy sure will make spark(sss)!

A first and impressive CD from Drake White a great new artist from Alabama. This guy with his bass Gospel voice got the same talent level of all these last years new comers that began to redefine what Country Music is or could be again as Jamey Johnson, Chris Stapleton and Cody Jinks (no big beard this time at last ;-)

Jack, manager of MADE IN USA MAGAZINE

August 19th contact@madeinusamagazine.fr
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Pure & Simple **** (4 stars)

Dolly Records RCA Nashville

Long Live the Queen (of Country)!

As said one of her american fans : ''She is national treasure, with a timeless sound."

I could not sum-up better this album: impressive and still charming and so soulfull voice. Quiet songs with as few complicated music part as possible: a pure and simple masterpiece!

Jack, manager of MADE IN USA MAGAZINE

August 19th contact@madeinusamagazine.fr
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Not bad for someone who ''Kinda Don't Care'' ...

Once again it seem's that Scott Borchetta President/CEO of BMLG bet on the good horse !

Justin Moore ''KINDA DON'T CARE'' last album will be the third (in a row!) to step on first stair of Billboard Country albums charts.

Congratulations to Justin and his team who made, once again a terrific job and get this kinda rare achievement !

Jack, manager of MADE IN USA MAGAZINE





Big Machine Radio

As we say in France : ''we are better served by ourself!"

No doubt about that, it is probably what Scott Borchetta, Manager of BMLG when he dediced to launch his own web radio station.

Most of artists promotion in the USA is based on Radio Country Stations. So a good way for him to promote artists of his brands

MADE IN USA MAGAZINE, France decided to support this 24h a day/7 days a week radio with his french web site www.CountryMusicFrance.com but you can also listen to Big Machine Radio, by a clic on his logo

Good idea too to propose on the page ''song of the week'' music and video of 52 artists of his different labels.




Trent Willmon, for the pleasure of all his french fans, was back in France for a third time since 2007.

He gave us a great show with french musicians and can now say he made the 3 most important Country Festival in France !

With Colby Dee -this charming young woman- talent does not wait !

She is the living proof you can be young and already deeply talented.

She surely was one of the highlights of this 21st Festival edition !




This trio of mad men were one of the biggest highlight of this 21st edition of Equiblues Festival, France !

Strong enough to share 50/50 (with a french band) our 48th issue's cover

Jack, manager of MADE IN USA MAGAZINE


Trent Willmon

Paul Bogart, another great discover for french country fans.

He bring us, with excellent american musicians, a high quality Hony Tonk, traditional Country music, that is play in clubs of the LoneStar State.

Colby Dee


Dierks Bentley is b(l)ack
Dierks Bentley
Photo : Kevin Winter, Getty Images

''RISER'', his 2014 album was already a Masterpiece... So what Dierks could bring us more !?!. I was kinda afraid to be disapointed... Shame on me, how could I doubt of one of the most talented guy from Country Music new generation (hum... Dierks you already got 40!)

Read More (soon!)



Stephanie Quayle : A long road from Montana to Nashville, Tennessee but it worth it !!! Now french country music fans have no more excuses to do not know this high talented new Country singer-songwriter... Visit her web site


You should download her song click here

Kelli Wasilauski from Webster Public Relation Agency (thanks a lot to her!), send me the news today: 'Country singer Stephanie Quayle is a finalist in Macy’s iHeartRadio Rising Stephanie Kayle - Dinkin' With DollyStar Contest'.

I jumped on YouTube, listened to her song : ''Drinking With Dolly'' and immediately understood why!

Then I discovered her 2015's video - 'That's What I'm Talking About'

Jacques Mouchet, manager of MADE IN USA magazine

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Jennifer!... We, at MADE IN USA magazine, difinitively loves you!!!

Since this day of march, 2009, when I had the pleasure to see and listen you during your first and only show in a small club in Paris with your friend Kristian Bush, (I had the opportunity to meet a few years later at CMA Marketing Summit, Disneyland, Paris and Songwriter Series at Billy Bob's Paris) I became a huge and probably one of your first french fan !

Jacques Mouchet,
manager of MADE IN USA magazine

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Legendary Country Music artist Merle Haggard died on his 79 years old birthday!
Merle Haggard

One more American Country Music icon is gone.

And it is not only his american fans who cried his death but french people too.

In fact this little percentage of french Country Music lovers.

Two full pages will be dedicated to a tribute to him in our next 46th MADE IN USA magazine issue. Less we can do!

Jacques Mouchet, manager of MADE IN USA magazine

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Ray Scott was back in France and, at last, I met him. A good reason to put him (after Chris Stapleton cover on last issue) on MADE IN USA magazine 45th issue's cover!
Ray Scott on MADE IN USA magazine, France cover

We, at MADE IN USA magazine, love all kind of Country...

... From traditional to New Country. All of these talented artists have room in our pages.

Two full pages were dedicated to this great independant artist in this 45th issue! Thanks Ray for this cool Interview!

Jacques Mouchet, manager of MADE IN USA magazine

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Album Vinyl editions confirms their big return!... Taylor Swift on vinyl!
On may 6th: first Taylor Swift album and Fearless (platinum edition) will be available on vinyl


Dianna Corcoran: a new, young, great, talented artist from Australia in the conquest of Nashville and new american fans. Sure she will win!
Visit her website - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram
Dianna Corcoran-  In America

Dianna Corcoran... The new Carrie Underwood!?!... No ! How many time will she get this stupid comparison? She is more than that: she is herself... And it is what we love !

I was a little late to discover Dianna Corcoran but what a shock! How not to fall under the charm of her sublime voice? Our deepest congratulations for this first album incredibly mature (Special thanks to Kristian Bush ;-).

Jacques Mouchet, manager of MADE IN USA magazine

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Ray Scott was live in France. A real pleasure to meet him for a cool interview and most of all: to see and hear him live on stage! a great show Ray!!!


* : Harley-Davidson LiveWire Made in USA mag #37 - sept. 2014
Harley-Davidson LiveWire is a dream machine!...

Fan of Harley-Davidson since... More than 30 years, I had the pleasure to have my first one, a few years ago: a Black Demin Street Bob!

MADE IN USA magazine was one of the first French media* to present you: The LiveWire, first ever electric motorcycle built by Harley-Davidson Motor Company!

My next Harley?...


Ray Scott live in France

Ray Scott, is back in France too. for 2 shows!...

At last, I will see him live on stage in France!

Ray scott began to be use to France, third time he will be back!

February 12th: Billy Bob's saloon, Disneyland Paris

February 13th: Théatre du Vesinet

I arrranged a video interview and photocall and he will be in MADE IN USA magazine 45th issue, printed late february.


Aaron Watson, is back in France for only one show!...
We had the pleasure to see him live on stage at Craponne Country Rendez-Vous festival, a few years ago so, sure to have a great show from this first independant artist to top Country Album Billboard charts (march 2015).


We learn today, that Kip Moore will bring his ''Wild Ones Tour'' in the UK...

He is one of the young american Country Music artist we love the most (we already gave him our cover of N°39 issue january/february 2015). Glad to hear that next april, his tour will land in Ireland: Dublin April 22nd, Scotland: Glasgow 23rd and England: Birmingham, Manchester and London (24th, 25th and 26th) and sad to see that once more (with the good reason that there is no market for him in France...), he will not play in Paris!

You can buy tickets here


We love both serie and music, so we recommand you: ''Season 4 Vol. 1'' with these 17 great new songs:

Like New [feat. Charles Esten]; Beyond The Sun [feat. Lennon Stella]; Holding On To What I Can't Hold [feat. Mark Collie]; Too Far From You [feat. Aubrey Peeples]; Plenty Far To Fall [feat. Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio]; Crazy [feat. Hayden Panettiere & Steven Tyler]; Spinning Revolver [feat. Will Chase]; Sleep Tonight (A Lullaby) [feat. Chris Carmack & Jonathan Jackson]; In The Name Of Your Love [feat. Riley Smith]; Run With Me [feat. Chris Carmack]; Speak To Me [feat. Clare Bowen]; I Want To (Do Everything For You) [feat. Connie Britton & Riley Smith]; History Of My Heart [feat. Jonathan Jackson]; What If It's You [feat. Hayden Panettiere]; Count On Me [feat. Sam Palladio]; Rockin' & Rollin' [feat. Lennon & Maisy]; Take My Hand Precious Lord [feat. Chaley Rose]

To buy it on amazon.com click here


FLASHBACK November, 25, 2013 - The Band Perry was for the first time ever Live on stage in Paris, France !...See our exclusive interview

A great show and a great meet but also a bad souvenir about the worst interview I have ever made. I prepared a one hour long interview as informed me their french agent and finaly he will learn me the information, a few minutes before I meet the band, that I will have only 15 minutes to spend with them... Hard to cut so quickly on my series of questions and give a new shape to my poor interview!

Read more


First MADE IN USA magazine video prod

MADE IN USA magazine is proud to show you, at last, his very first video production: Kristian Bush live at Billy Bob's Saloon, Disneyland, Paris, France. Thanks a lot to my talented cameraman Julien, for these first images, taken during CMA International Marketing Summit.

March 1st, 2013. For the first time ever in France CMA SONGWRITER SERIES made a stop at Billy Bob's Saloon, Disneyland Paris. Some famous songwriters from Nashville Tennesse as Bob DiPiero, Brett James or Dallas Davidson had the opportunity to play together on a French stage. And, ''Cherry on the Cake'', talented Kristian Bush, most known as half of great Sugarland Band, play with them! A second occasion to see him live in France (I was one of the few to witness his first french show ever in a little club in Paris on March 10th, 2009 during first Sugarland European Tour.


Glen Frey passed away...

And with him, another monument, another legend of US Rock Music.

I have never seen The Eagles live on stage and I probably never will... Especialy now with him missing!

Their music was one of the original soundtrack when I was in high school... One more piece of my youth going away with him.


Bruce Springsteen, Pittsburg, River Tour
Another (River) Tour for Bruce Springsteen!

He is, since always, the most prestigious showman I have ever seen (and much more than that!) The only, legendary: Bruce Springsteen & his E Street Band are back on the road for another USA Tour. First night: Pittsburg, PA. Les meilleures vidéos de la soirée sont ici : I'm a Rocker - Ramrod & Price You Paid

He played 34 songs (all The River album's songs) and also...

  • Badlands, Wrecking Ball, Backstreets, Because the Night (Patti Smith Group), Brilliant Disguise, The Rising, Thunder Road,

Encore: Rebel Rebel (David Bowie), Bobby Jean, Dancing in the Dark, Born to Run, Rosalita (Come Out Tonight), Shout (The Isley Brothers)

Photo : Paul Kane, Getty's images


Hank Williams Jr* is back today with a...
... First album to be produced on Nash Icon Records**, another recent label of Scott Borchetta's Big Machine Label Group. We will listen it, as soon as we can, and come back to you to review it and give you are first impressions. That's done! Read more

* : for some reason, uneasy to understand from this part of Atlantic Ocean, is one of the most popular Country Music artist in the USA.
** : Nash Icon records was launch in 2014 with Reba as first to sign, then Martina McBride, Ronnie Dunn, and Hank Williams Jr)


OUR LAST ISSUE #44 - november/december

  • pages 5, 6 - Chris Stapleton: The revelation in the world of a Pop/Rock/Blues/Hip-Hop Country Music, CMA Awards sometime love to congratulate real traditionnal artist. It is the case with this guy, somme kind of new Jamey Johnson, hairy-beardy and... Talented! Next step: Grammy Awards?... We'll see!
  • pages 6, 7, 8 & 9 - New discs
  • pages 10, 11, 12 - From Fort Worth, Texas: Chris Ryan
  • pages 14 & 15 - Christmas discs
  • pages 16 & 17 - Saga of the brand: Weber barbecues

To see other subjects treated and Read more


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