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Jack, MADE IN USA magazine manager and editor As a long time american music fan, I only discovered what Country Music was for real since... 2006 !

September 2008, I became fan (and crazy) enough about this music genre to launch the first ever, bimonthly printed in color, french magazine dedicated to Country Music.

December 2016, a decade of music, thousands of shows photos, great meets and talks with country artists and... My 50th issue printed!

No help or partnership from any major labels to promote Country Music in France, a country which is not considered as a market for Country Music industry.

Anyway, I go on to preach the 'good word' to french Country Music fans, enjoy to be invited to most popular french Country Music festivals, and sure one day I will make my way!

Already know that this 2017 version of web site will be the most professional and the one I will be the most proud of.

And, when I see some of Country Music american web site... No shame to have!

As we say in France: ''I ain't got my tongue in my pocket''. Never had and never will!

I do not make it for the money, I do not make it for fame, I make it for love of this great music, these great bands and this unbelievable american musicians and artists

This coming soon new year will be, as usual, full of great moments, music and thoughts to share with you, dear (american?) visitors.

If you are a country artist, any label (even a major label ;-), any guy or organisation who could help me in anyway to promote Country Music in France, you are welcome! You can contact me at

One last word: ''forgive me please, for the mistakes I probably made (and will make) in my texts''

Jacques ''Jack'' Mouchet, MADE IN USA magazine manager and editor

Last interview (december 27th) : Trent Tomlinson


Lindsay Ell is back!

I had the pleasure to be one of the rare french guy to see and listen her when she opened for The Band Perry at ''The divan du Monde, Paris, France during their ''We are Pioneer'' 2013 World tour and began and instantly impressed by this young artist and great guitar player (I always loved great guitar player).

So I was suprise (and happy!!!) to learn that she worked with Kristian Bush, another american artist I met in Dinseyland Paris in 2013 (God damned fuckin' good year!) and was fan of since... A decade.

Lindsay is surely a great guitar player but more than that: a great singer too! She reminds me Sherryl Crow (not so bad to be compare to !?!)

Talent of Kristian + talent of Lindsay sure will make a success in a few months!!!

Jacques ''Jack'' Mouchet, manager of MADE IN USA magazine, France

Lindsay Ell 2013 by Jacques mouchet made in USA magazine
  Lindsay Ell live in Paris, France, Nov. 25, 2013


Mucho Love Music

Mucho Love Music is a brand new talented Record Company that will soon celebrate his first anniversary of business in the Country Music.

They helped me last month to be in contact with Trent Tomlinson, one of the artists they had the nose to help to produce his long awaited second album.

An old dream for me: Trent Tomlinson's french fan since a decade.

MADE IN USA magazine, France is proud to be the first music magazine to put Trent Tomlinson on his 50th issues's cover!

Wished I could be with you guys to celebrate your first anniversary!

Jacques ''Jack'' Mouchet, manager of MADE IN USA magazine, France



Gretchen Wilson, an artist we love in France, will be back in 2017, and back strong ! with...
Gretchen Wilson - Rowdy

Made in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, FranceMade in USA magazine, Franceitunes

American Music industry has always been quick to forget artists that does not sell enough anymore. Even if they were very good sellers before. One of the high developped pragmatism we do not always understand in France...

Gretchen Wilson, an artist we appreciate a lot at MADE IN USA magazine, is one of them.

She made her debut in 2004, sold multi platinum, charted 13 singles (5 top 10!), got Awards and then, 2008 and... Less success.

So we are very happy to discover that she is back and back strong with 'Rowdy', this great single we hope that announce a comin' album!?!

''A good news never come alone'' and we are also happy to learn that this song was co-wrote* by Trent Tomlinson who made is great come back too!

* and Shane Minor